We work directly with independent musicians world-wide to give you downloads of MP3s and perfect-quality WAV files. We never work with major labels, and our musicians always get 50%. You can listen to every album in its entirety before buying or becoming a member.

På den här sidan hittar du alla program som går att ladda ner. Hämta hem dem till din dator och flytta dem sen till din mp3-spelare, så kan du höra dem när som helst och var som helst. När du åker till och från jobbet till exempel.

SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.

WaoN is a Wave-to-Notes transcriber, that is, the inverse of timidity by Tuukka Toivonen (and its descendants


This guide demonstrates how to convert audio from AC3 format to Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and other compressed audio formats.

At Cepstral®, Text-to-Speech is our only focus. We make realistic synthetic voices that can say anything, anywhere, with personality and style. From the smallest device to large installations and high-end interactive media, Cepstral voices can bring fresh content to your ears, on demand.

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