A smaller, faster, better way to build software.

SWF Tools is a collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities written by Rainer Böhme and Matthias Kramm. It is released under the GPL.

khtml2png is a command line program to create screenshots of webpages. It uses libkhtml (the library that is used in the KDE webbrowser Konqueror).

After finding that there are now python wrappers for GtkMozEmbed, I made my own screenshotter-and-thumbnailer by embedding the Mozilla browser component using a little python script.

Thumbshots are small screenshots of web pages. When placed alongside search results or directory listings, users are able to preview the site before visiting the link

(mt) Media Temple’s (gs) Grid-Service is a completely new hosting service that replaces yesterday’s obsolete shared server technology.

Compared with LayeredTech GridLayer, Amazon EC2, Media Temple Grid, etc.

The Zero Install system aims to provide a better way of installing software than traditional systems (tarballs, apt-get, bundles, setup.exe, etc).

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