Currently in the final phase of development, the first Nao has been presented early 2007. The first units, dedicated to laboratories an universities will for sale early 2008, and the general public release is planned for the end of 2008.

To get the final throw I needed to focus the energy in a beam and enlisted the help of an old domestic satellite dish and a dongle.

I used the following steps to enable my Broadcom Wireless BCM4312 (rev 02).

Older ATI cards have been blacklisted for Compiz Fusion because of a bug in the driver, but there is an easy workaround for many cards that use the open source ati drivers.

Instant-on, with a comfortable keyboard and 20 hours of battery life: Little wonder this Radio Shack model is one of the most popular portables of all time. We offer a look at the guts of this featherweight champion.


DIY Drones, posted 2008 by peter in community hardware robotics

This is a site for all things about amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): How-to's, videos, discussion and more.

But there is another way: for some time, various different images of Mac OS X have been available on the internet that have been modified to circumvent its tight coupling to Apple's hardware.

Tossing in a second adapter is an inexpensive way for the manufacturer to add another bullet point to the product description -- but what exactly are you supposed to do with it? If you are running Linux, you have several alternatives.

Unleash the POWER in your "PowerShot!" A wiki dedicated to the CHDK firmware add-on for Canon's Digic II & Digic III cameras!

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